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Nine Line Apparel

450 Fort Argyle Rd

Savannah, GA 31419

For my main channel, the Steven Carlson Show, I flew around the country in a Bell 206 L4 helicopter, interviewing multiple small business owners. On one of the final days of our trip, we stopped off and met the great team at Nine Line Apparel. We shot a video while doing an off-airport landing at their office.

The video starts after we completed our high-recon and came in for our final approach when the owner’s dog got loose and ran towards our LZ. We aborted the landing and did a quick 360 while the pup was secured. On the second go around, we came in and landed in a grassy field behind their parking lot.




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Steven loves to fly helicopters around the country and share his unique journeys with you. He recently completed a 3,000-mile flight around the USA.

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